Digital Marketing With a Difference

 Before we begin marketing your product or services, we take the time to really get to know you, your business, and your values. By planning your marketing strategy around your brand values, your advertising campaigns will have maximum emotional impact with consumers or potential clients. Creating campaigns and content that resonate with your target audience ensures that they connect with your brand narrative on a personal level – drawing them into your story and allowing them to feel part of something bigger. Not only does this attract the right clients, it also creates customer loyalty and produces authentic brand advocates who will assist in the growth of your business.


Graphics play an important part in both branding and marketing. Without eye-catching visual elements it’s unlikely that anyone will stop to read your content, especially in the highly-competitive marketplace that is social media. Luckily, we’re adept at both graphic design and illustration, meaning you can get your hands on personalised, compelling images to support your content and campaigns.


To really engage your audience, build their trust, and create brand advocates, you need to connect with them on an emotional level and provide them something of value regularly. The easiest way to do this? High-quality, insightful content that provokes a positive response or has a positive influence. With over a decade’s experience in copywriting and content creation, we’re primed to perfect your brand narrative.

Social Media

Managing a social media presence is harder than it looks. It’s more than just likes and follows, it’s about reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. By knowing who your ideal customer is and the values and ideologies that connect them to your brand, we can target them specifically with content, links, and offers which are not only relevant to them, but also compel them to share with their wider network.

Advertising Campaigns

A good campaign gets everyone talking. How? It carries a strong message. It holds people’s attention. It makes them feel something. More people than ever before are buying on belief. By making your campaigns about something more than just a product, giving them a purpose beyond just selling, you can connect with consumers on a deeper level and create meaningful customer relationships. What’s better, at WestCoastCo we can tailor a campaign to meet your specific requirements and restrictions, meaning you can get engaging promotional materials whatever your budget.

  • Outstanding service, highly recommended by Diamond Dogs Salon!
    Rachael Harrison
    Diamond Dogs Salon
  • WestCoastCo. have been a vital part of the marketing strategy & development of Down By The Riverside Festival. They first came to my attention a few years back through a business colleague & I have used their services ever since.

    The bespoke, personal approach makes them stand out from the crowd in this competitive sector & I cannot recommend their approach and professionalism highly enough. From vision to design and then to the marketplace the complete package is there & I look forward to our continued collaboration over the coming years.

    Steve Lawrence
    BlocRoc CIC | Down By The Riverside Festival
  • We are delighted with the new website and the word most commonly used by visitors to describe the site is 'impressive'. Connecting with the community and wider world is vital for churches in the 21st century and this website will certainly help us to do that!
    Rev. Cindy Rigney
    DQOW Benefice