Buying On Belief

As the impact of brands and big business on society and the environment is becoming increasingly scrutinised, a growing number of people are “buying on belief”. Consumers are voting with their wallets and purchasing from brands whose values and objectives align with their own. At present, 51% of all consumers consider themselves to be a belief-driven buyer – A percentage which will continue to grow as the buying power of the next generation of consumers increases.

To reach these belief-driven consumers, we need to appeal their core values. By making our marketing and advertising campaigns about more than just a product and its short-term benefits –  instead focusing on how we support, invest in, and make champions of the people who make our successes possible – we can connect with our audiences on a deeper level.

Using a values-based approach to our marketing, we can give consumers insight into why we do what we do. We can share with them the things that motivate and inspire us, forming a more meaningful relationship with our customers and creating authentic brand advocates. We can support the causes they care about and do our bit to change our sector for the better, generating trust and establishing ourselves as leaders in our industry.

This is what we at WestCoastCo. consider our main passion and focus: Connecting brands with their customers on a deeper level and creating strong brand advocates through a values-based approach to marketing and advertising.

The Email Course

With consumers beginning to demand more from brands and “buying on belief” becoming the norm, businesses need to be adding values-based campaigns to their marketing strategy. The rewards for doing so can be HUGE, and soon it will become an absolute necessity. Learn more about belief-driven buying and how you can use values-based marketing to capitalise on it by signing up to our 4-week email course.