Loyal Customers

 Once we understand your values and brand purpose, we can construct a website which will convey this to your audience. It also helps to identify niche areas which can be targeted to help bring the right people to your site, increasing the chances of conversion. By having a clear set of core values and tailoring your website to the people who share them, not only will you achieve higher conversion, you’ll find passionate, loyal customers who share your vision.


Your website should reflect your brand’s personality and values. By making these the focus of your website, the user will know straight away whether your product and/or service is the right one for them. A simple description of your services isn’t enough anymore; people buy from people, and your site should tell the user exactly who they’re buying from and what you believe in.

Wordpress Site Alterations

£40 an hour

Whether we built the website or not, we’re here to help!

Landing Page

£145 (+VAT)

A single, high-converting page to encourage event attendance, social media actions or email subscriptions.

Includes opt-in form and full analytics to stick your teeth into.

Fully Responsive WordPress Website

from £235 (+VAT)

Price dependent on functionality and size, but we can do great things with small budgets!