in the business of bold, fearless and creative ideas.

this is the story so far...

We're a small but mighty team of creative thinkers, makers and font nerds.

Always pushing the creative envelope; we pride ourselves on injecting personality into brands and pushing businesses to put their values front and centre of their marketing efforts. Websites, branding, social media, copywriting... we'll even do some tech support or paint a mural on your office wall if you find yourself in a pinch!

we work with Smallish Misunderstood Enterprises* to make them look really good and create more authentic relationships with their customers

*otherwise known as SMEs!
we work with big brands too; but only if they're willing to think like small brands
you may have noticed that the suited and booted corporate world isn't for us - we like to keep it weird.

we're female lead: not female focused.

WestCoastCo. is owned and operated by Arin West (she's also our lead developer), and she believes that small businesses flourish when we work together. There's no such thing as a "mompreneur" or a "fempreneur". We're all entrepreneurs, and that's a pretty awesome thing all on its own.

Arin designed her first website when she was 12 years old, but she entered professional web development from the world of fine art, making her a true creative force. Prior to starting WestCoastCo. in 2016 (on Christmas day!) she worked as a social media exec at a large marketing agency, giving her a solid understanding of how the big boys work, and how she didn't want to run her business. Arin has also completed certifications in GDPR, consumer psychology, events management and social media marketing, and after several years spent in management roles in the hospitality industry, she also has her personal licence and a certificate in cellar management.

WestCoastCo. isn't just one person: we collaborate with other small businesses and freelancers to offer all things marketing under one roof

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