From logos to shop fronts and everything in between! Prices start from just £120.
let's talk branding

Ultimate branding package

Mood board
Logo (several variations included)
Fonts & Colour Palette
Biz card design & 250 cards
Flyer design & 100 A5 flyers


Brand discovery

Two hours of discovery with our branding pros: we'll cover your ideal client, your values and your tone of voice, and you'll end up with a brand profile that's unique to you.


Standard vector design

Ad-hoc work, covering logos, brochures, assets and business cards. Charged hourly.


Hand drawn design

For 100% unique brand assets with plenty of personality, go with hand-drawn work from a trained fine artist! Charged hourly.


web design

Our web design services start from just £260, and we offer interest-free monthly payments for small businesses. We don't believe in nasty templates: everything we build is 100% bespoke.
let's talk web design

Simple website

5 pages (plus blog and contact)
CMS training
2 week turn-around


ECommerce website

Everything the simple website offers, plus a fully integrated and styled e-commerce system connected with a payment gateway of your choice.


Add Ons

Appointment scheduling tool - £89
Events calendar - £69
Directory - £129

Larger projects

Want more than the basic website? Our ad-hoc rate is £40/hour, and we'd love to work on a big project! Contact us for your free consultation and project quote.

green web hosting

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on speed or quality.
let's talk green hosting

What is hosting?

Think of your website as a house.
If you want people to find your house, it needs an address. That's your domain (the www. bit.)
If you want your house to exist, it needs to be on a plot of land. That's the server your website is hosted on, and you'll need to rent that space from a reputable company.

Why host with us?

First up: your hosting is fully managed. We take care of the migration and updating all of your plugins. All of this for just £100/year (or £10/month)

We are a 100% green hosting provider. This is truly renewable energy. No carbon offsets, no planting a tree (though we're looking at doing this too, we like trees) just 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea.
Free SSL Certificates (via LetsEncrypt)
1.5 Tbps of DDoS protection
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Off-site Backups
LiteSpeed Web Server - Blazing-fast websites with integrated caching for WordPress

marketing consultancy

With the right strategy, you'll be a marketing pro in no time at all!
let's talk marketing

Strategy Day

A comprehensive strategy planning session with our experts. Here, we'll cover absolutely everything you could possibly need to run a kick-ass marketing campaign, as well as plotting out your brand's purpose and ongoing marketing activities.


Marketing Packages

Hand over your marketing to the experts. We offer monthly retainers from £150, and campaigns to suit your budget from £50. Just contact us for your free consultation and project quote.

everything else

It doesn't stop there! We offer pro-bono services, drop-in clinics and photography and video too.
let's talk everything else

Group Training

We understand that some people prefer to keep creative control. That's why we offer training days and one to one consultations to give you the expert tips without giving anything up.

We offer taster sessions and speaking engagements at zero cost (although we will need our expenses covering), and in-depth training sessions from just £20 a head.

Free Marketing Clinics

We also run a monthly marketing clinic with Fizzy Compass in Lancaster on the last Thursday of every month in Brew, Lancaster. The clinic is 100% free, and we can cover anything you're struggling with in the world of marketing, branding and web development.

Photography & Videography

We work with some of the very best in the business when it comes to photography and video. Get in touch to arrange a consultation and we'll find your perfect partner!

Pro bono

If you're a non-profit, we can provide you with free web hosting, and we also have a number of pro-bono hours every month. Get in touch to find out more!

Pay it forward

We place 10% of our profits from paying clients into our "pay it forward pot". This pot funds web development, branding and marketing strategy sessions for business owners in difficult financial situations. Contact us to apply.

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